Must-Have Pieces for Geeks

Not too many people want to be branded as bookish. This was particularly true back in the 80’s when geeks are nerds are relegated near the bottom of the social hierarchy.

Times have changed and nowadays, people don’t mind being called Poindexter who is a popular fictional character considered to be the icon of nerdiness. He is looked up to be the younger generation when it comes to fashion. The geek culture now welcomes its own brand of fashion that’s chic and sexy!

When thinking of how to put together an authentic eccentric vibe, you can use Ugly Betty or Betty La Fea as your style peg if you are a girl or the Nutty Professor if you are a guy. Some SEO company would most likely have used these names as keywords for geek fashion searches online.

There is nothing too extraordinary with geeky fashion. You do not need to go all out with exaggerated sizes or garish color combinations. Pick an accessory or two to give you the look that you are going for without necessarily pushing towards the unfashionable side of the spectrum.

Here are some tips for smashing geek fashion:

glasses1.Glasses – nothing shouts like “I’m super intelligent” than wide-rimmed prescription glasses. Choose these in big dark-horned frames. Again, you do not want to go over-the-top with glasses that are big enough to cover your entire face. You still have to choose a pair of old-style glasses that complement your face.

If you do not have vision problems, make sure that you choose the ones that do not have graded lenses. You don’t want to ruin your eyes just to pull this one off.

2.Bowtie – whether it’s self-tied, pre-tied, or a clip-on, this is an essential nerd accessory to keep in your wardrobe to create geeky chic fashion. Wearing a bowtie with a t-shirt and jacket or button-down shirt and coat ensemble with or without glasses gives you that instant quirky and playful character.

BowtieBowties come in many shapes. Those who are new to bowties can start off with a modern butterfly while the more daring would go for a big butterfly. The batwing is suggested for the more conservative and the not-so common diamond point is definitely for the stylish dude. For those who are truly bold, the club round would be the perfect choice. If you do not have an idea about these types of bowties, you can check out the search pages for URL-optimized sites on this popular geek accessory.

For the ladies, bowties can be used for an androgynous bookish vibe. You can have your neckpiece in a solid color highlighted with designs like plaid, polka dots, stripes and fun prints.

Suspenders3.Suspenders – this is an item that has made a comeback, thanks to the generation of the stereotypical wealthy yuppie and bookish culture. It has become an essential item to complete one’s dorky attire. Think Steve Urkel of the Family Matters fame.

Girls can wear suspenders with their pants or skirts to complete their geeky chick look. Some just let the straps hang loosely on the sides to project a vibe of casualness.

Suspenders do not look good on everyone, though. Be sure to check yourself out on a mirror or ask someone else if you are getting the look just right.

4.Cardigan – layer up with a cardigan for cooler days when you want to look a little more put together. Wear a collared shirt cover up with a buttoned up cardigan over a pair of khakis or slacks and patent shoes or loafers. You need a cardigan that is not too lose and that hugs the body just right to pull of this look.

floral skirt5.Plaid, patterned, or floral skirt – skirt that grazes down to your knee or somewhere near it is a good one to have in your wardrobe for an Ugly Betty effect.

Whether it’s pleated or a-line, plain or tartan print, a skirt softens your overall appearance and exudes femininity. A lady in a skirt is always a welcome and refreshing sight.

6.Knee-high tights – this is particularly cute for the girls and not advisable for boys or men to wear with shorts. Leave it to the guys in the runway, who can surely get away with it and be swooned by adoring ladies.

High-waiste7.High-waisted pleated loose corduroys – these are actually the reason why suspenders were invented. Wear these pants loose in 80s style much like how Mario Brothers’ overalls fit them.

It is a little bit tricky to pull of this look. If you are unsure of it looking good on you, you can stick to tighter jeans, cords, or khakis. For an added touch of playfulness, fold up your hem.

The best way to pull off smashing geek fashion is to have the right attitude. You do not have to be a genius to dress in this kind of style. You simply have a natural quirkiness that both shy and confident with a hint of adorable clumsiness.

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