Make Your Employees Accept Change: A Guide by

We all know that change is constant. However, even for something so inevitable a lot of people are still uncomfortable about it. Some can eventually adjust and accept the change while some just flat out reject it and refuse to cooperate. If the latter happens to your company’s employees, you are in trouble. You don’t have to worry about it though because can help you.

We have a great motivational speaker that can provide you with techniques and pointers on how to prepare your employees with a change in your company. In this article, we will provide you the basics to get you a glimpse of what our speaker can share with you. Here are a few basic things you need to remember when you are trying to implement something new in your company:

Introduce the Change Bit by bit –

Changes that happen so abruptly are usually not appreciated by most employees. If you shove changes to their laps without properly explaining how and why it is necessary, they are not going to be comfortable with it. They will have the “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” mentality and they will refuse to follow.

However, if you acknowledge that your old ways are good and say that you found something similar but better, your employees will take the change more seriously. The only reason why they are reluctant to accept change is that they are afraid that their acquired skills will be invalid. If you make present the similarities of two methods then introduce the benefits of the newer one, your employees will be more open to accept change.


Be An Example –

For your employees, you are someone who can be looked up to. You are a role model. For you to initiate change, you have to adhere to that change. You don’t have to listen to a speaker from because it is common sense. If you accept change and practice it, your employees will follow suit.

One by one your employees will recognize the benefits of the changes you are trying to implement. The more people who believe in the cause the easier it is to gain followers.

Give It Time –

In, we can teach you how to manage implementing change. However, you have to understand that most changes do not happen overnight. The bigger the change, the longer the process. Rushing and forcing your employees to adapt and accept will just provide you with more problems. You will burn your employees out. Less people will actually follow because you are not giving them time to process the changes.

You need to understand that change is a process. It has stages and steps that it needs to go through. If your employees get to process and learn the newer things you are presenting them then they will get used to it them overtime. Let it sink in first.

Great Motivational Speaker

Those are just the basic pointers on how manage implanting a change in a company. You have to understand that changing something is never the problem. People’s resistance to change is. They resist because they are afraid that they might lose their value in your company if they fail to adapt. Assure them that the change will not lessen their value. You are actually presenting them an opportunity to add something new to their skills therefore increasing their value one way or another. A change is an opportunity to grow for you, your employees and your company.

Our great motivational speaker in can teach you more about change management among other things. He will show you the ropes and the secrets of the top 1% of the companies in the world when it comes to maintaining their employees’ morale, intensifying the importance of workplace safety, change management and other important topics. His talks will be personalized according to your company’s needs. It will be infused with humor and entertainment to ensure that you retain the important things he will teach you.